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Wouter Couvaras

I'm Wouter,

...a creator from Cape Town, South Africa. I'm passionate about building software that is really easy to use, without sacraficing on power and flexibility.

You can read more about that here, or read about the type of business I'm building here.

I'm currently bootsrapping two web products, and while I do so, I'm building websites and web apps for people and companies like you.

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In a galaxy not too far away

The first product I've built is called Xform Media, an "image transformation" service. Xform Media is different in that it's a single purchase license. That's right, buy once, use forever. You can run it on your own server or run it on services such as Vercel or Netlify.

There are some exciting updates coming to Xform Media soon, so keep an eye out for that!

The second product I'm building is called PixelPaper a "website builder". Though there are many out there, I'm building something that I feel bridges two worlds that are often at odds with each other; the very easy to use and the very powerful.

This has proven to be a much bigger project than I imagined, but I have some exciting news coming soon

Reveal coming soon...

The third product I'm building was birthed out of my own frustration. I believe that technology should work for us, to make our lives easier, especially in this day of AI, etc!

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